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posted on May.13


Midterm 1 grades are announced. You can check your grade under “Grades” link. Also attendances up to 20.04.2016 (for Section 1) and 14.04.2016 (for Section 2) are posted. Note that, any medical reports or academic excuses are not included yet.



posted on Mar.07


Laboratory groups are announced. Please check your group under “Lab groups” link and do not miss your first hour. Labs are starting this week with Thursday group. Machine Shop is located on Building-B of our Department.



posted on Feb.29


Laboratory sessions will start next week. Therefore you are required to fill out this form and submit until 03.03.2016 Thursday, 17.00 to Room G-133. If not, you will be assigned to a random group and it will not change throughout the semester. Please read all the instructions on the form carefully.



posted on Feb.29


We wish you a successful semester. Please check this page frequently for the announcements.